About Us

Winston Steel is part of the Taurani group which also comprises of a number of steel manufacturing and supply companies based in various locations around the world, namely:

  • Universal Tubes and Plastic Industries Ltd, Dubai UAE
  • Universal Tubes and Pipes LLC Dubai UAE
  • KHK Scaffolding & Formwork LLC, Ajman UAE
  • Ducast Factory LLC, Dubai UAE
  • KHK Pressings and Forgings Pvt Ltd, Indore India
  • Dayal Steel Suppliers (7 Branches in UAE and Qatar)
  • Midland Steel Sections Ltd, Birmingham UK
  • Brisko Scaffolding, Surrey UK
  • A-Val Metal Resources, Toronto Canada
  • Prime Metal Corp. USA, New York USA
  • Del-Ani Holdings Ltd, Shanghai Peoples Republic of China
  • Winston Scaffolding Pty Ltd, Sydney Australia

Winston Steel commenced business in 2010 as an extension of Winston Scaffolding Pty Ltd, established in 1998.

Winston Steel is committed to providing quality products and services in the sphere of Steel Supplies and Scaffolding.

Winston Steel operates from large and modern premises located at Bankstown in South Western Sydney, NSW and also has field personnel deployed in Queensland.